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China supplier exports insulation aluminum plate

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China supplier-Mingtai sells and exports aluminum sheets, insulation aluminum sheets, alloy aluminum sheets, 6061 aluminum sheets, and 7075 aluminum sheets. Aluminum plate refers to a rectangular aluminum material with a rectangular cross section and a uniform thickness obtained by press working (shearing or sawing) with pure aluminum or aluminum alloy material. It is customary to use a thickness of 0.2mm or more and 500mm or less. , 200mm or more, aluminum material within 16m length is called aluminum sheet or aluminum sheet, aluminum foil is less than 0.2mm, and material or strip is within 200mm width.
insulation aluminum plate supplier
Use of aluminum plate: lighting; solar reflector; building exterior; interior decoration; furniture; elevator; signage; interior and exterior decoration; household appliances; aerospace and military; mechanical parts processing.
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