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How to solve the quality problem of ultra-wide aluminum plate in processing?

Edit:admin Date: 2018-11-07 09:36
The ultra-wide aluminum plate is becoming more and more widely used in our lives now. However, inevitably, ultra-wide aluminum plates often have various quality problems in their processing programs. For example, ultra-wide aluminum surface is rough, and accuracy is not accurate. Then how can this be solved?
First of all, there are many manufacturers of ultra-wide aluminum plates, and they have achieved remarkable results in continuous competition. However, the appearance of rough surface may be caused by too high nitric acid content in the bath solution and acidic attack, and there may be rough surface due to internal structural defects in the aluminum material. If the copper content in the bath is also high, the surface roughness will be more serious. In general, if the nitric acid content in the bath is too high, chemical polishing of the ultra-wide aluminum reflects violently and "boiling" occurs.
aluminum plate
Second, after recognizing the specific reasons, manufacturers must also respond differently to different situations. If the content of nitric acid is normal and the content of copper is high, a very distinctive characteristic color of metallic copper adheres to the surface of the ultra-wide aluminum after washing. If the characteristic color of copper is very deep, the content of copper in the surface bath is high, and measures should be taken to adjust the content of nitric acid and copper to the normal range. If the additive contains copper, it should be added appropriately. If the copper in the bath comes from chemical polishing of the copper-containing aluminum, take steps to add the copper-free additive or adjust the bath.
Therefore, the production and processing of ultra-wide aluminum plates has received widespread attention from people in the industry. We believe that on the basis of the continuous improvement of processing technologies, we will also gain processing results on a larger scale and use higher-quality products.
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