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Mingtai 3104 and 5052 aluminum alloy for can lid

Edit:admin Date: 2018-11-07 09:43
Metal packaging materials are one of the traditional packaging materials. The application of aluminum packaging materials has developed rapidly. Because aluminum alloys have good ductility, they are good raw materials for making cans. With the expansion of the can market, the amount of aluminum alloys is also increasing. With continuous improvement, the demand for raw materials for cans is also increasing.
The main alloys of can lid are 3104 and 5052.
aluminum alloy plate for can lid
3104 aluminum plate is deformed aluminum alloy, tensile strength is greater than or equal to 275MPA, the maximum elongation of up to 20%; has a good deep-drawing performance, suitable for reducing the weight of the drawing to reduce the amount of material, the tank material process strict requirements, products Must have suitable strength and formability.
5052 aluminum alloy plate product performance is stable, has a good molding process performance, corrosion resistance, is a widely used rust-proof aluminum, the product as easy to pull lid raw materials have a good experience.
The raw materials produced by Henan Mingtai can be customized according to customer specifications. The high strength of 5182 can be used to make beer easy cover. The aluminum easy cover has good sealing and anti-theft function to ensure product quality. At the same time can prevent unpacking.

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