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Development Status of China Pharmaceutical Aluminum Foil Industry

Edit:admin Date: 2018-10-22 10:58
Aluminum foil is used in pharmaceutical packaging, such as aluminum-plastic blister packaging (PTP), strip packaging, aluminum-plastic composite bottle caps, aluminum-plastic sealing gaskets, and double-aluminum packaging. Among them, aluminum-plastic blister packaging is its main application with moisture protection and hygiene. With the advantages of safety, convenience, etc., it has become a new type of pharmaceutical packaging method widely used in the world and has been used in foreign countries for more than 50 years.
pharmaceutical aluminum foil
At present, 65% of China's pharmaceutical packaging level is equivalent to the average level of the world in the 1980s, and the contribution of packaging to the pharmaceutical industry is low. In developed countries, pharmaceutical packaging accounts for 30% of drug value, while in China it is only 10%. As China starts late on using aluminum foil as a medicine packaging material, pharmaceutical aluminum foil packaging accounts for about 25% of pharmaceutical packaging materials. Among them, aluminum-plastic blister packaging accounts for only 20% of total pharmaceutical packaging, while developed countries have reached 80 %. But this also shows from another point of view that by increasing the use rate of pharmaceutical aluminum foil, pharmaceutical aluminum foil packaging will gain a relatively large potential for development.
China is a big producer of pharmaceuticals and can produce more than 1300 kinds of chemical raw materials, with a total output of more than 2.7 million tons. The output of Chinese patent medicines is more than 3.1 million tons, and there are more than 8,000 varieties and specifications of proprietary Chinese medicines. Chemicals have entered a stage of steady development. Chinese patent medicines have developed rapidly and have replaced chemical drugs as the main pillar of the pharmaceutical industry.
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