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The difference between the temper O and H24 of 1060 aluminum plate

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What is the difference between the temper O and H24 of 1060 aluminum plate? Which temper should our products use?
Mingtai Aluminum today explains to you about the roles of different tempers of the same product:
First of all, we need to know that the O-temper is a state of an aluminum plate and is an after-annealed product of an aluminum plate. The same brand of aluminum alloy is divided into O temper and H temper.
In the production process, the aluminum plate in the O- temper is formed after being completely annealed and the H24 temper is incompletely annealed after the work hardening.
1060 aluminum plate
In terms of physical properties, the O- temper aluminum plate is relatively soft, while the H24 state aluminum plate is relatively harder than the O- temper. In other words, the hardness of the aluminum plate in the H24 state is greater than the O temper.
In terms of the scope of use: Because the O- temper aluminum plate is relatively soft, it is easy to bend and deepen, mainly for decoration, packaging, and other industries. The H24 is harder and can be used for drawing, shearing and bending. It is generally used in the curtain wall and mechanical processing industries.
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