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The skills of aluminum coil packaging

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Aluminum coil packaging has a certain packaging techniques. Then what are the packaging skills of aluminum coils? Mingtai Aluminum shares them with you.
Conventional packaging of aluminum coils: For aluminum coils with a thickness of more than 0.05 mm and in a hard state, it can be generally packaged in a well-type rack, and its packaging should meet the requirements for storage and transportation. The derrick stands are made of wood and the upper and lower sides are each composed of two wooden sides. The height of the lower wooden side shall meet the requirements of the work of the forklift. The upper side of the upper side shall be made into a circular arc shape corresponding to the radial direction of the roll, and the upper and lower wooden sides shall be fixed by screws. The length of the screw should be lower than that of the upper side of the wood to avoid damaging the aluminum coil. The product is inspected and stamped. First, a solid layer of neutral or weakly acidic material should be wrapped around the aluminum foil roll and put into the package box list, lap joints with a sticky tape.
1100 aluminum coil
Soft padding on the end pad to protect the end of the aluminum box roll. Next, add a desiccant, and wrap the entire roll with a sheet of plastic cloth. The outer plastic cloth at the lap joint is glued down and taped, and the excess ends of the plastic cloth are plugged into the core. Finally, the rainproof cardboard with an appropriate size is wrapped around the entire aluminum coil in the circumferential direction and the two ends are closed. The joints at the end surface and the circumference and all the gaps are taped. Place the wrapped aluminum foil roll on the derrick frame and fix it in the circumferential direction with a steel band. The steel band should be tied firmly. Put a box of cards on the face of the wrapped aluminum foil roll. This way you can more directly see the parameters of the aluminum coil!
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