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Welding precautions of 6082 aluminum plate

Edit:admin Date: 2018-11-07 09:38
6082 aluminum plate welding has a certain technical requirements. We can better complete the aluminum plate welding as long as we are familiar with the points of knowledge. And now Mingtai experts explain 6082 aluminum plate welding points for everyone.
Welding is more successful at one time, and some knowledge that the welder needs to know when doing 6082 aluminum plate welding:
1. The welding rod must not be heated with a welding torch before picking up the welding powder. Because 6082 aluminum plate melt cutting tool point is too low, the second reheat, 6082 aluminum plate easily deformed.
2. The inner towel must be placed with a wet towel to protect it. Because the welding space is very small, it is important to pay attention to the protection of the refrigerator.
3. The torch flame cannot be too long and must be heated with a micro-fire, otherwise the dispersant 6082 aluminum plate can easily melt.
6082 aluminum plate
4. After the welding is completed, wait for the special slurry of nylon filament to cool the tube for two or three minutes before it contacts the cement reservoir. Otherwise, the solder joint will easily leak.
5. The electrode must be evenly coated with flux to ensure the quality of the solder joint.
6. The welding time cannot be too long, because the melting point is too low for a long time, it will easily cause the 6082 aluminum plate wall to melt or thin, and the pressure can easily leak.
7. The welding rod cannot be used to heat the welding torch and then pick up the welding powder because the melting point of the welding rod is too low.
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