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What are the benefits of oxidation treatment on aluminum plate surface?

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Why do we do surface anodizing treatment during the processing of aluminum plate? What are the benefits of treated alumina plates?
In order to overcome the defects in aluminum surface hardness, wear resistance, etc., to expand the scope of application, to extend the service life, surface treatment technology has become an indispensable part in the use of aluminum, and anodizing technology is currently the most widely used and most successful. The so-called anodization of aluminum is an electrochemical process in which aluminum is electrolyzed as an anode in a certain electrolyte to form a durable oxide film on the surface of aluminum. This layer of oxide film has protective, decorative and some other functional properties.
There is a layer of naturally formed oxide film on the surface of the aluminum plate, which is poor in corrosion resistance and soft, and cannot be an effective protective layer and is not suitable for coloring. Therefore, the need for an artificial oxide film - anodic oxidation to make aluminum quality:
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1. The oxide layer will never fall off: The surface oxide layer will never fall off. There are more than 40 years of successful experience in application experience abroad.
2. Corrosion resistance: Anodized surface treatment can protect the aluminum plate from being eroded, and it is not easy to rust, even if it is used in a special use environment (industrial, urban, marine climate, etc.).
3, surface scratch resistance: scratch resistance, surface hardness to sapphire level.
4, easy to clean: Do not vacuum and easy to clean, anti-handprint ability.
5, green: environmental protection materials, 100% recyclable, and itself is the production of more than 50% of recycled materials, will not produce harmful gases during use, it will not degenerate, and even can be recycled.
6, multi-color: alumina plate after anodizing, rich colors, beautiful colors.
The anodized surface of the aluminum plate can be widely applied to various industries, and the finished product is not only durable but also has a good decorative effect.
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