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Normal size 1250*2500mm 5005 alum sheet anodized and poly coated one face in uk

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Normal size 1250*2500mm 5005 alum sheet anodized and poly coated one face in uk
Normal size 1250*2500mm 5005 alum sheet in uk manufacturer and supplier
Anodized aluminum sheet is processed by anodizing based on aluminum sheet. Anodizing is an electrochemical process that forms a robust ceramic layer on the surface of aluminum sheet that is resistant to corrosion and UV. The anodized film is transparent, retains the appearance of the metal, and can be colored by electrolysis to provide a variety of color options.
The anodized aluminum sheet have lots of advantages:
Good processability
The anodized aluminum sheet has strong decorative and moderate hardness, can be easily bent and formed, and can be continuously and rapidly stamped to facilitate direct processing into products, eliminating the need for complicated surface treatment and greatly shortening the production cycle and reduce product production costs.
Good weather resistance
The anodized aluminum sheet with a standard thickness oxide film (3 μm) is not discolored and does not corrode in the room for a long time. The anodized alumina plate with a thick oxide film (10 μm to 25 μm) can be used for outdoor curtain walls and can be exposed to sunlight for a long time without discoloration.
Strong metal sensation
The anodized aluminum sheet has high surface hardness, gem quality, good scratch resistance, no surface coating, retains the metallic color of the aluminum sheet, highlights the modern metal feel, and improves product quality and added value.
High fire resistance
Anodized aluminum sheet belongs to pure metal products, no paint and any chemical substances on the surface, 600 degrees high temperature does not burn, no toxic gases are produced, and it meets the fire protection and environmental protection requirements.
Strong stain resistance
No fingerprints, no stain marks, easy cleaning, no corrosion spots.
Strong applicability
It is widely used in metal aluminum ceilings, curtain wall panels, aluminum-plastic panels, fireproof panels, honeycomb aluminum panels, aluminum single panels, electrical panels, cabinet panels, and furniture panels.
Normal size 1250*2500mm 5005 alum sheet anodized and poly coated one face in uk Package details:
Aluminum products of Mingtai Al. meet the export standard. Plastic film and brown paper can be covered at customers’ need. What’s more, wooden case or wooden pallet is adopted to protect products from damage during the delivery. There are two kinds of packaging, which is eye to wall or eye to sky. Customers can choose either of them for their convenience. Generally speaking, there are 2 tons in one package, and loading 18-22 tons in 1×20′ container, and 20-24 tons in 1×40′ container.
Key customers:
Main markets:
Americas, Asia, America, Europe, Middle East, Oceania
If you want to get the latest price, please tell us the following information: 1. product you need (aluminum sheet, aluminum strip, aluminum coil, aluminum foil), alloy number or usage; 2. specification (thickness*width), quantity; 3. your contact (e-mail or cellphone number), and your company name (if you have).
Our sales manager will contact you soon and give you the professional quote if you can tell me above information. 
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