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Aluminium plate factory tells you how to choose pattern aluminium plate

Edit:admin001 Date: 2019-11-04 16:07
Application of aluminium plate factory pattern aluminium plate
The application of pattern aluminium plate is very wide. Three-bars tread plate, five-bars tread plate and diamond pattern aluminium plate are common varieties. The pattern aluminium plate can be seen in the fields of construction, transportation, decoration and refrigeration equipment.
How to find a high quality tread plate aluminium plate factory
With the increasing number of pattern aluminium plate manufacturer, the quality of various pattern aluminium plates is also uneven, and the selection of high quality tread plates is flawed.
1. Thickness of aluminium plate. The thickness of the plate selected for high-quality aluminium plate, thickness, strength, oxide film thickness, etc. Should meet the national standards: Aluminium plate thickness ≥ 1.2mm, tensile strength ≥ 157 n / mm 2 , yield strength ≥ 108 n / mm 2 , oxide film thickness ≥ 10 microns. If it does not meet the standard, it is a poor quality aluminium plate.
2, processing. The five-bars aluminium plate produced by the formal large factory is exquisite in materials, the board surface is bright and clean, the pattern is clear and tidy, the aluminium plate is flat, and the surface is free from oil, scratches and broken defects; and the pattern aluminium plate produced by the small factory is made of waste aluminum. The material has a dull surface, unclear and irregular patterns, uneven surface, poor performance and poor quality.
3, the price of aluminium plate. The tread plate is divided into pure aluminum and alloy, and the price is naturally different. The processing cost of pattern aluminium plate produced by regular manufacturers is several thousand yuan. Pattern aluminium plate price is higher than that of pure aluminum pattern aluminium plate. The price of aluminium plate of regular manufacturers is about 20%-30% higher than that of inferior aluminium plate. Therefore, when purchasing, you can't buy a substandard product at a price, and you will lose money when you get it.
4. Service. From the production line of the aluminum plate factory to the workshop of the enterprise, there are many links in the middle of packaging, loading, transportation, storage and unpacking. It is inevitable that there will be defects such as oxidation and scratching. The aluminium plate supplier with large scale and good service will provide the user with the defect. Retreat and change services to solve the worries for users.

What factors should you pay attention to when using the tread plate? As we all know, the service life of the pattern aluminium plate has a great relationship with the use habits. The normal maintenance of the pattern aluminium plate is very important. The impurities on the pattern aluminium plate are regularly removed, and the aluminium plate is carefully checked for long-term use. No damage, etc.
Mingtai aluminum is a professional manufacturer of pattern aluminium plates. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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