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5052 aluminium plate Malaysia

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Aluminium plate manufacturer Malaysia brief introduces to 5052 aluminium plate
5052 aluminium plate is al-mg aluminum alloy. It is a widely used anti-rust aluminum. It has high strength, strong corrosion resistance and plasticity, can not be heat-treated and strengthened. It has good plasticity during semi-cold hardening, good ductility and polishing. . It is commonly used in many industries such as vehicles, ships, instruments, and insulation panels.
Width: 20-2605mm (can be customized);
Thickness: 0.15-600mm (can be customized);
In stock: 0-3 tons in stock;
Aluminium plate manufacturer Malaysia 5052 aluminium plate performance advantages
5052 aluminium plate has high temperature resistance, excellent weldability, good cold working, polishing, corrosion resistance, strong corrosion resistance in atmospheric, water, oil and other media, high strength, good ductility and good separation. Thermal performance, a wide range of applications.
5052 aluminium plate manufacturers recommended
At present, there are more 5052 aluminium plate manufacturers on the market. Among them, the non-henan mingtai, which has a good reputation and reputation in the industry, is here to learn about the reputation and reputation of henan mingtai in the industry.

Aluminium plate manufacturer Malaysia Henan Mingtai
The quality of aluminium plate manufacturer Malaysia is guaranteed: Henan Mingtai is a listed company. It has strong strength, high processing technology and exquisite manufacturing technology. The products are manufactured with high quality raw materials. The quality of the products is very guaranteed and its performance is good. .
The price of aluminium plate manufacturer Malaysia is very affordable: The aluminium plate produced by henan mingtai is not only guaranteed in quality, but its price is also more affordable than other manufacturers in the same place. Because henan mingtai is headquartered in zhengzhou, henan, its geographical position is superior and transportation is convenient. The economic level here is low, so the investment in raw materials and labor costs is relatively low, so the product price is very affordable.
Users are welcome to purchase the aluminium plate of henan mingtai. The performance of aluminium plate manufacturer Malaysia is guaranteed, in stock, timely delivery, original quality and global distribution, which can bring you more objective economic benefits. If you would like to know more product details and offers, please click on the online consultation to learn more.

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