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Aluminium plate manufacturer 5052 aluminium plate for automobile

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Aluminum board manufacturers - about the car engine shell
According to the aluminium plate manufacturer, the automobile engine casing is generally made of aluminum alloy material, which can better reduce the noise of the engine, and can also isolate the heat generated when the engine works, and can better protect the paint on the surface of the hood. Face, to prevent aging, as the car enters thousands of households, the market demand for automotive engine outer panels is also increasing, how much is the price of the automobile engine casing 5052 aluminum alloy? Is there a suitable aluminium plate manufacturer recommended? This is the key issue that users want to know now.
Automotive engine casing selection aluminium plate manufacturer 5052 aluminum alloy is better
Thickness: 0.15-600mm
Width: 20-2650mm
Highlights: The main alloying element of the 5052 aluminium plate is magnesium. This product is a widely used rust-proof aluminum. Its alloy has high strength, especially good fatigue strength, high plasticity and corrosion resistance. Good welding performance and good cold workability. With excellent performance, this product can be widely used not only in the automotive field, but also widely used in many industries such as molds, fuel tank materials, oxidized materials, trolley cases and silos.
Aluminium plate manufacturer introduces the price of automobile engine casing 5052 aluminium plate
How much is car engine casing 5052 aluminum alloy? Is there a minimum order quantity? When it comes to price, this is a problem that every user pays more attention to, but the specific price depends on the aluminium plate manufacturer you choose. Mingtai Aluminum is a professional aluminium plate manufacturer. The price is very economical compared to other manufacturers in the market. The quality of the products is guaranteed, and can be customized according to the actual needs of users. 20-45 days delivery, original factory warranty, for many years, aluminium plate manufacturer Mingtai Aluminum has won wide acclaim and recognition from new and old customers on the market with its high-quality products and perfect after-sales service.

Automobile engine casing aluminium plate manufacturer
Aluminium plate manufacturer Mingtai Aluminum has been making progress for more than 20 years, striving for innovation and creating high-quality and low-cost aluminum products. The product specifications and models are complete, the quality is good, the price is affordable, if you need to know more product optimization quotes, and other related issues, please feel free to click on the online consultation or send us an email.

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