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Aluminum Alloy plate classification by China manufacturer Mingtai Aluminum

Edit:admin001 Date: 2019-06-03 14:36
Firstly, according to its surface treatment, aluminum alloy plates can be divided into two categories: non-painted products and painted products. According to the coating process, we can be divided into spray products and pre-roll coated sheets. According to the type of paint can be divided into: polyester, polyurethane, polyamide, modified silicon, fluorocarbon and so on.
A variety of aluminum alloy sheets of different specifications have different uses.
1xxxx series aluminum sheet belongs to the series with the most aluminum content, and the purity can reach 99.00%. Because there are no other technical elements, the production process is relatively simple and the price is relatively cheap.
2xxxx series aluminum sheet is characterized by high hardness, among which the copper element is relatively high, and the 2xxxx series belongs to aviation aluminum. We use less in daily life, so the price of this aluminum alloy board is higher.
3xxxx series aluminum sheets are also called rust-proof aluminum sheets. Among them, the high content of manganese is its main component. The 3xxxx series is a very good rust-proof aluminum plate, so it is used more in humid environments such as air conditioners, refrigerators, and car bottoms.
4xxxx series aluminum sheets are relatively high in silicon-containing elements. It is heat-resistant and wear-resistant, so it is generally used for building materials and mechanical parts.
The 5xxxx series aluminum plate is a commonly used aluminum alloy plate. The main features are low density, high tensile strength and high elongation. It is widely used in conventional industries. However, the weight of the aluminum-magnesium alloy is lower than that of the other series under the same area. Therefore, it is often used in aviation, such as aircraft fuel tanks.
The 6xxxx series aluminum plate mainly contains magnesium and silicon, so he concentrates on the advantages of 4xxxx and 5xxxx, has better corrosion resistance, is usable and easy to coat. More commonly used on the streets of low-pressure weapons and aircraft.
The 7xxxx series aluminum plate mainly contains zinc, which is also an aviation series, and has good wear resistance. Suitable for aircraft manufacturing.
The 8xxxx series aluminum plate belongs to other series, and is an aluminum plate which is mainly used as a cap, and is also used in a radiator.
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