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Aluminium plate manufacturer introduces automotive aluminium plate

Edit:admin001 Date: 2019-10-10 14:57
Aluminium plate manufacturer introduces automotive aluminium plate
Aluminium plate manufacturer introduces that automotive aluminium plate are generally concentrated in the automotive wheel hub, automotive engine gearbox housing, automotive frame, something else are interiors, floors and so on.
1. Car body. Commonly used aluminum alloy material mainly include 2 series, 5 series, 6 series alloy sheets.
2. Car chassis. Use 5 or 6 series material.
3. Car skeleton. The part with the most force on the body is made of 2 or 7 series material and can be heat treated and strengthened.
4. Car seat. It can be heat treated and strengthened with 2 or 6 series material.
5. The skin part. The secondary force-receiving part of the body is made of 5 or 6 series material.
6. The door part. Use 5 or 6 series material.
Advantages of aluminium plate manufacturer' automotive aluminium plate:
Aluminium plate manufacturer introduced that aluminum density is small, aluminium plate manufacturer use aluminum to reduce the body weight, thereby reducing exhaust emissions; aluminum corrosion resistance is good, aluminium plate manufacturer automotive aluminum use time is long; car driving is more stable and comfortable. Because the aluminium plate manufacturer's aluminum material has good energy absorption, it has obvious advantages in collision safety, and it is safer and more secure; aluminum material is easy to recycle and green.
How much is aluminium plate manufacturer 
automotive aluminium plate?
The aluminium plate price of aluminium plate manufacturer is related to various factors, the alloy specifications of the products, the strength of the aluminium plate manufacturer, and after-sales service.
1. Alloy specifications are key. Different parts of the car use different alloys. Specifications and temper are different, performance requirements are also different, and there are differences in price.
2, The strength of aluminium plate manufacturer is the main factor. There are so many aluminium plate manufacturer on the market, the size of aluminium plate manufacturer also affects the price of automotive aluminium plates. The strong aluminium plate manufacturer purchase high-quality aluminum ingot raw material, advanced and mature technology, and the quality of products produced to a certain extent is more secure, and the price is also will be higher than the small aluminium plate manufacturer. Find out the aluminium plate manufacturer are direct sales or not, direct sale style aluminium plate manufacturer can reduce the complexity of the link, the price will be more affordable.
3. Is there any guarantee for after-sales service? If the customer receive a problem with the product, good after-sales service can help the customer solve the problem quickly.
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