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The difference between shipbuilding aluminum plate and ordinary steel plate

Edit:admin001 Date: 2019-05-21 16:34
5052 aluminum alloy price, Henan Mingtai, the difference between ship plate and ordinary steel plate
Due to the large amount of harmful substances generated during the construction and dismantling of FRP boats, the aluminized fishing boats have developed rapidly. Aluminum alloys have been widely used in the world. At present, China's aluminum alloy yachts, aluminum alloy fishing boats, aluminum alloys Ships have also developed rapidly.
There are two types of aluminum alloy yachts, one is a small yacht, usually four or five people, and the other is a luxury yacht, which can take more than a dozen people. In general, small yachts are generally in freshwater lakes, freshwater rivers, and generally do not travel at sea. These yachts are generally made of 5052H32 or 5052 0 aluminum plates because they are exposed to fresh water and are corrosive without the corrosive nature of seawater, so they are made of alloy 5052.
The luxury yachts at sea are generally made of high-magnesium alloys of 5083H116 or 5083H321, and they have a special processing technology and have good corrosion resistance.
Mingtai Aluminum has passed CCS classification society certification and DNV classification society certification on aluminum alloy ship plates, and Mingtai Aluminum's current aluminum alloy ship plate has been recognized by all parties in the international community, Henan Mingtai In view of the strict control of product quality for aluminum alloy ship plates, it has been unanimously recognized by customers at home and abroad.
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