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The superior performance of Mingtai Aluminum tape foil products

Edit:admin001 Date: 2020-03-12 15:17

Aluminum products are indispensable for every household, and they are everywhere in food, clothing and housing. Aluminum foil is made into food containers, medical grade aluminum foil, bottle cap stock and so on. There is a class of advanced products in aluminum foil products-tape foil.

Application of tape foil

Tape foil is generally used to make aluminum foil tape, which is widely used in refrigerators, air conditioners, automobiles, petrochemicals, bridges, hotels, electronics and other industries. Aluminum foil tape can also be used in various types of electronic products such as transformers, mobile phones, computers, PDAs, PDPs, LED displays, notebook computers, photocopiers and other places where electromagnetic shielding is required.

Why is the performance of tape foil so strong?

That's because the aluminum foil tape uses high-quality pressure-sensitive adhesive, which has good adhesion, strong adhesion, and anti-aging effects. So that its thermal insulation performance is greatly improved. Aluminium foil tapes are used to join the joints of all aluminum foil composite materials, seal the puncture areas of thermal insulation nails, and repair damaged areas. They are both the main raw and auxiliary materials for refrigerators and freezers production plants, and also the raw materials for the thermal insulation material distribution department.

High quality tape foil cannot be separated from good equipment

Mingtai Aluminum, as a leader in the domestic aluminum processing industry, has leading production technology, including 6 semi-continuous casting production lines, 10 continuous casting and rolling production lines, 7 cold rolling mills, 10 foil rolling mills, and stretch bending correction. Straight cleaning machine row, flying shear machine row, slitting machine, thick foil shear, longitudinal shear, (1 + 4) hot continuous rolling production line and other equipment.

Features of high quality tape foil

1. Moisture-proof, air-tight, shading, abrasion-resistant, fragrant, non-toxic and tasteless;

2. Elegant silvery white luster, easy to process beautiful patterns and patterns of various colors;

3. There are no scratches on the layout, no bumps, and the double-coated tape must not have bright crystals and color difference.

Mingtai Aluminum tape foil

Mingtai Aluminum's tape foil can also meet the process needs of decorative aluminum foil, so that the finished product has the advantages of heat insulation, moisture resistance, sound insulation, fire prevention and easy cleaning, and has a luxurious appearance, convenient processing, and fast construction and installation. With the continuous development of China's construction and decoration industry, the demand for decorative aluminum foil will increase significantly.

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